Invited Speakers

Experts representing diverse big data efforts in government, industry, and academia

Keynote Speaker

The keynote will be delivered by neuroscientist Dr. Jeremy Freeman.

Dr. Freeman is the group leader of the Freeman Lab at HHMI Janelia Research Campus. His group explores neural computation at the scale of large populations and entire brains through a combination of collaborative data analysis and experimental design, with an emphasis on open science and replicability.

Invited Panelists

The panel will consist of leaders from academia, industry, and government institutions that contribute significantly to open source projects related to big data. They will discuss their work, thoughts on next-generation open source big data platforms and paradigms, and how open science will play a role in further democratizing researcher access to these resources.

  • Jim Crist (Software Engineer, Continuum Analytics)
  • Dr. Rangan Sukumar (Cray Inc.)
  • Prof. Ling Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Jake Mannix (Lead Data Engineer, Lucidworks)
  • Dr. Jake VanderPlas (Director of Research in Physical Sciences, University of Washington eScience Institute)